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GROOMING SERVICES require a 50% deposit when scheduled


WE  DO  NOT  CRATE  GROOMING  CLIENTS  HERE.    We  cannot  hold  your  pet  here  all  day.    This  is  a  one-on-one  service.    

 You will either receive a call from us when we are just about finished with your pet or you will be told what time you need to pick up your pet.    Please  pickup  your  pet  within  20  minutes  of  your  call  or  schedule  time  or  we  will  have  to  add  a  $10  charge  every  20  minutes  to  have  someone  sit  with  your  pet  until  you  can  get  there.  

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled appointment, you will need to reschedule your service.

Senior Pets and Medically Fragile

We have top of the line grooming equipment to aid in the comfort of those pets with hip or back issues, or those who can't stand for very long.  If your pet has tracheal issues, we do groom without a loop.  Please be sure to bring any medical issues your pet might have to the staffs attention at check in.

You will need to (if cancelling your appointment) call at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment or you will not receive 1/2 the grooming price back.  


Pricing is based on the breed standard style.  Please call the office for our starting price based on your breed.  The price given is not a guaranteed price.  If your pet is matted, tangled, heavily shedding or uncooperative, the price does go up, depending on your dogs needs.    All  bathing  &  brushing,  full  grooms,  shavedowns  and  general  trims  include  a  nail  trim,  ear  cleaning  and  anal  expression  (dogs  under  35  lbs.  only)  if  requested.

Add on Services to Bathing

Mud bath -- $8.00 small dog

$10 medium, $15 large & $25 Xlarge

Blueberry or Plum Facial $3.00

Foot and Pad Massage with a conditioning oil $3.00

Stencils, Paint Designs, and Dye -- Priced according to what you request.

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